The unboxing experience with our reusable packaging!

Are we trying to create a Christmas mood while you open up a Ko Necessity package? The answer is yes!

The excitement of opening up a package is great, and we're taking that joy up a notch. Here's how!

The Shipping Box: You might hear it say "Dont mind my looks, I'm made from recycled paper!".

The Muslin Pouch: This is the highlight of our packaging. It's a simple drawstring pouch that holds your products. This pouch is hand stamped with our branding to always remind you of us! We urge you to reuse it to store your accessories or little trinkets. Feel free to hand wash it between uses! Since we are against mass production/stocking at our studio we get these locally made in batches by women that have had fewer opportunities to showcase their sewing skills.

The Note: A little thank you note to let you know we are so grateful for your support!

If you enjoy our unboxing experience, do make sure to tag us on instagram. You can find us at @ko.necessity